European Sustainability Academy website

European Sustainability Academy website
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Key info

Client: European Sustainability Academy

Date launched: 9 Jan 2013

What we did: Responsive website design, content advice, installing content management system

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The site needed to reflect the natural beauty of the location whilst giving a modern, professional feel to suit the target audience for senior management retreats. A colour palette was selected from colours extracted from the photo of the ESA building to get tones that would evoke the Cretan countryside, whilst white space and high quality web fonts were used to give a fresh, modern feel.

The site is multi-lingual, with all pages providing a version translated into Greek. This was implemented with a shadow site, replicating the structure of the English site and managed through the simple but very powerful content management system.

This was the first phase of a two-stage process, with phase one intended to get the new site implemented quickly to meet urgent deadlines, with a higher degree of functionality and the use of marketing video footage for phase two.

The technical side

We used html5 and css3, with suitable fallbacks provided for older browsers going back to Internet Explorer 8. We used the Content Management System Perch, which is a powerful PHP-based CMS which allows for minimum 'bloated code' meaning a fast and responsive site.

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