Locum Today

Key info

Client: Tripod Partners

Date launched: 1 Jun 2014

What we did: User consultation, content strategy, web design and development, email newsletter creation and management

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The site wanted to have energy whilst being serious and professional in intent. We interviewed locum social workers to understand the special issues they faced and what might be their core interests. We then worked with the team to identify the three main content types that would provide good value to the target audience, and created a site that would showcase that content in a natural way.

A simple poll was added to encourage the starting levels of engagement from the audience, since starting a site from scratch isn't the time when you can yet support methods such as forums.

We also produced a html email template that could be used for fortnightly mailings of Locum Today to its audience base, and created the call to action that would encourage people to sign up.

At a later stage, a jobs board was added to the site to begin to attract interest in vacancies for locum positions.

The technical side

The site, and the email, is designed to be responsive using HTML5 and CSS3, with additional jquery script support. It uses the Perch content management system, enabling the editor the add content and upload images from a simple user interface.

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