Sustainable Palm Oil Debate website

Sustainable Palm Oil Debate website
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Key info

Client: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Date launched: 1 Sep 2013

What we did: Responsive website design, ongoing content management, management of live video debates via Google Hangouts

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The Sustainable Palm Oil Debate website was designed to work as an elegant solution to running debates on different topics. Up to four debaters would provide different takes on a specific subject, as well as allowing for a range of other features and opinion pieces.

The design was also carried over into a responsive HTML email newsletter sent every week, to build the audience for the regularly updated content.

The site was designed to encourage sharing via Twitter - with pull quotes for each article made as the default content for tweets that people could share with their followers from each page - the rationale being that this sort of 'in context' encouragement to share is more effective than simply placing buttons at the end of content.

The technical side

We used HTML5 and CSS3 for the responsive website, with JQuery used to facilitate some of the site functionality. The content management system we used was Perch, which enabled us to keep the code uncluttered enabling the site to load more quickly.

The HTML emails were produced using Mailchimp templates styled to fit the look and feel of the overall website.

The site also occasionally hosted live video debates using the Webinar Jam service (which runs on top of Google Hangouts). We managed these, controlling live camera feeds and checking video and audio quality for each of the speakers.

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