Reg Siger website

Reg Siger website
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Key info

Client: Reg Siger, artist

Date launched: 9 Oct 2012

What we did: Website design, video editing, photography, jquery interactive features, content advice, mobile site

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The site was produced as a fully responsive site - meaning that it adapts to fit the type of device it is being viewed on. The gallery is based on Reg's home gallery, and when the visitor clicks on one of the pictures, the entire page zooms in to that spot, and the detailed version of the picture appears.

Reg delivers demonstrations of his painting to live audiences, and we captured the spirit of one of these occasions, taking photos of his presentation to an art group in March, Cambs. The pictures, presented in a two-by-two carousel capture Reg's light, entertaining style. Reg is able to add forthcoming exhibitions via a simple content management system that then displays events in the calendar.

Reg has produced a demonstration DVD, and we produced an edit of this for a five minute excerpt, which is hosted on YouTube and embedded onto the DVD page.

The technical side

We used html5 and css3, testing the site with modern browsers and back to Internet Explorer 7. The JQuery Zoom plugin doesn't work before IE9, so we used PHP to provide an alternative lightbox approach for those older browsers without losing the feel of Reg's gallery. Map embedding was achieved using the Google Maps API - the more common technique can't be made to be responsive.

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