Our mission, vision and values


Our mission: We make good companies and organisations more successful in communicating online with their key stakeholders.

Our vision: A world where the power of the internet helped bring about a sustainable and fairer world and we played our part

Our values: We recognize that values are expressed day to day by what we do and how we behave, rather than by words written in any aspirational statement. But these are the things that we, as a company, recognise and encourage:

We hope clients we have worked with for some time will read the above list with a shock of recognition, rather than a wry, amused smile of disbelief. If not, tell us!

We work with good companies and organisations whose products, services or campaigns make the world a better place. We recognise that good people work for companies that make harmful products and the world is not black and white, but we choose not to work with such companies.

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